Russians Pay Only $1.41 USD Per Gallon of Gasoline In Biden’s Plan to Punish Russia.

Of course the world understands the average Russian salaray is less than the average American salary. 

But Biden’s plans to punish Russia while forcing Americans and the Western World to sacrifice in another financial attack on working families, doesn’t seem to be convincing American voters who are paying at least three times as much as a Russian family for the same gasoline.  

Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline as a priority for Biden’s puppeteers sent fuel prices up under Biden – but he blamed President Trump.  Infation continued and his angry Press Secretary Psaki blamed the “plandemic”, as Psaki once called it.  Now fuel prices are destroying the finances of American families, and Biden’s self-proclaimed gay Secretary Buttigieg tells Americans to ‘eat cake’ and buy a $60k electric vehicle – which is charged with electrity generated often from fossil fuels.

Russian citizens are currently paying $1.41 USD per gallon of gasoline.

The current exchange rate for rubles to dollars is 0.007442.
A gallon of gasoline in Russia currently costs 196.42 rubles which equals just over $1.40 US Dollars per gallon.

I don’t presume to be an economist, but with no one else but China buying Russian fossil fuels, won’t that mean their supply will greatly outweigh its demand, translating into even lower gasoline prices for Russian citizens in the near future?

Meanwhile, the gasoline prices keep going up for America and the Western World during Obama’s Third Term. 

Current Exchange Rate - ruble to USD

Biden’s policies are hepful only to those who want to destroy America and Freedom Loving families around the globe.  George Soros openly advocates against America’s national sovereignty while he is the biggest single donor to the Democrat Party in the USA.  

In 2014 our CIA staged a successful Coup D’etat in Ukraine. Since then, the People of Ukraine have been persecuted, imprisoned, beated and killed in the streets as the Western MSM ignores the NATO encroachment upon Russia’s borders.  

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