[VIDEO] Did President Trump Send a Signal?

Could this be a “real” account for President Trump?

As the fraudulent inauguration of Joe Biden slithers closer to World History, and martial law grips America with Washington D.C. under military lockdown, will Truth, Justice and the American Way be upheld?

Blogger Simon Parkes seems to think so. He recently posted a link to a “fans channel” at the social media website ‘Telegram’ with an account named “RealDonaldTrump”. But the page URL is “https://t.me/Mrdonald_trump/308” . And the photo has a check-mark inside the photo – not on the outside of the profile picture where one might expect to find the validation checkmark. The channel also claims to be in touch with Ivanka Trump? Who knows?
With the President being deplatformed on almost every social media outlet, one must wonder. And with fake-news being weaponized as information warfare, all Americans must use caution and disseminate for themselves the truth from the lies.

Though the video offers hope for Patriotic Americans, my feeling is, this is exactly what it claims to be: just a “fan channel”

That being said, I am still with Hope for a peaceful path to restore Constitutional Law. And still with resolve for a Constitutional Republic to defend our United States of America.

Keep the Faith. #KeepTheFaith

Hold the Line. #HoldTheLine

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