The US Constitution & The Declaration of Independence | $2 with FREE DELIVERY available to #BankruptBezos

Americans engaging in their Constitutional Rights should be armed with the documents our Founding Fathers bestowed upon us. The Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press has been attacked by the fascist corporate community of globalists coming after our individual inalienable Rights. These attackers include owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who just shut down popular free speech social media website at

As a countermeasure to Bezos’ attack on America’s Freedom of Speech, Patriotic Americans are now suggesting signing up for Amazon’s “PRIME” which offers a “30 day FREE TRIAL” to access free delivery, then canceling the “FREE TRIAL” of Amazon’s “Prime” membership after Jeff Bezos pays for the delivery of your minimally priced copy of:




The cost of the delivery worker and fuel will surely cost more than the profits Amazon’s owner, Jeff Bezo’s will make while Americans defund his attacks on our Freedom while gaining an invaluable piece of American Heritage. This ought to send a clear message to those wishing to attack Americans. 

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God Save America !!!

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