[VIDEO] Is SCOTUS about to order a ‘Nationwide Audit’ for all races in the Left’s ‘Election Fraud Backfire’?

The question remains:

Who will select the electors for our Constitutional Republic’s Electoral College, thereby choosing who will be sent to We the People’s White House  for the next four years?


Article II; Section 1, of The Constitution of the United States of America clearly defines how We the People choose our President.  I will summarize, as anyone can read our US Constitution for themselves to get the exact text.  Whichever candidate receives a simple majority (50% plus 1 of the 538 Electors = 270) of Electoral Votes from the Electoral College, will become President of the United States.  If there is a tie at 269 each, then the decision is sent to the United States House of Representatives; but since that is not a feasible option within the current paths to the White House, the Constitution states if neither candidate receives a simple majority then the state legislatures will choose the electors for our Electoral College; whichever candidate receives a majority of the votes, will be the President of the United States.  Something like that. 




There is another thing to consider as the media fails to spin their fake news propaganda in a weaponized attack against our Free and Fair election process. Nowhere in the US Constitution does it mention state legislatures will need to follow state regulations and guidelines to be called into “Special Session”.  Not a single mention of that. And since a date is already set for the legislatures to select electors after the certification of a fake election, the state legislatures can, at that predetermined date, select electors to the electoral college.  That’s how I am reading it.  I know more of the US Constitution than the average bear, but I am not a lawyer.  Neither were our Founding Fathers, for the most part.


A “Special Session” is not required.  The state legislatures can call themselves into session as they are not acting on behalf of their state, but instead are acting as a duly appointed body by our federal US Constitution.  Their state laws do not apply any further than the way they choose who is named as their legislature’s representatives of the People. 


This US Constitutional allegation of duty to state legislatures brings us to my next point.  If SOCUTS decides to hear Rudy Giuliani’s cases defending We the People’s free and fair elections, and consider the insurmountable evidence building against the fraudsters, then will they order state legislatures into session to decide who the winner of the Presidential race will be? 


And another question arises. Since this is a nationwide election, with federal, state, county, and municipal races at stake, will SCOTUS see the evidence of massive fraud, and call for a nationwide audit and recount of all legal votes to include all the races from federal down to local school boards.  The evidence of election fraud goes beyond irrefutable affidavits signed from bipartisan witnesses to election fraud, election improprieties, election tampering, voter fraud, treason and sedition when involving the transmission of voting data offshore for fraudulent intent. 


But what of all the other races?  The Grand Ol’ Party control most state legislatures, but has no authority to decide, nationally, who will win a county or city race in any given state.  So, will SCOTUS call for the audit at a nationwide level across all races?  As this was a federal election, a nationwide audit would seem to be within their scope of authority.  Of course, I am not of the priestly class of lawyers who claim only they can interpret our US Constitution, which was written, for the Americans to understand without a lawyer, by farmers, journalists, soldiers, publishers, and common folks just like We the People. Or, will SCOTUS pretend those races were legitimate?



Thanks for reading.  May the Lord Smile Upon You and Yours. And please remember to say a prayer for all our men and women serving in our US Armed Forces and Police Departments and Emergency Responders across our United States on this infamous Day of Pearl Harbor.


God Bless America.






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