[VIDEO] BREAKING: Pentagon Halts Biden Campaign as FBI texts link his Chinese “office mates” to uranium sale.

The media recently reported the Pentagon will stop the Biden campaign’s access to Defense briefings and other key elements reserved for a transition of a legally elected President. American Patriot Press recently shared the reported rumors of a ‘shakeup’ at the Pentagon, moving a more aggressive staff in place if seizures of the 2020 Presidential ballots or martial law is required. 

Joe Biden’s troubles keep mounting. Recently DOJ ‘declassified’ FBI texts prove the link Biden had with his “office mates” in the Chinese enegry company CEFC. The Chinese company has been identified by Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, as an “office mate” of “the Big Guy”, a term identified as a code-name for Joe Biden, used in an attempt to seperate him from the money transfers to his troubled son, Hunter Biden. 

Our recent article hi-lites Dan Bongino’s show where he connects the dots in the recently declassified FBI texts from the unhinged former FBI agent Peter Strzok. The recently DJ declassified FBI documents can be viewed online as public information.  

Watch the Newsmax clip below to hear the confirmation the Biden-campaign has been stopped at the Pentagon. 

Biden quid pro quo income China, Jazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia

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