[VIDEO-BREAKING] President Trump Calls-Out GA SOS Raffensperger’s Certified Election Fraud

President Trump was on a recorded phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his lawyer, when the President specifically named “Ruby Freeman”, the Democrat poll worker videotaped on security footage illegally counting ballots, outside of the view of observers as required by state and federal laws, after the press and observers were sent home with a “fake story” about a watermain break in the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia. President Trump reminded Raffensperger that all of the ballots illegally processed by “Ruby Freeman” were cast for Biden, which is a statistical impossibility implying fraud in addition to the criminal tampering of ballots away from observers. The GA SOS, nor his attorney had any response beyond relaying things were being looked into by state investigators.

A state, a government, a person, no one can be trusted to investigate themselves. We the People would be foolish to wait for anyone to admit their errors and still allow enough time for Legislators to correct the fraud we have evidenced in the 2020 election. Tempus Fugit.

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