[VIDEO] Thomas Jefferson ‘threw out’ Fraudulent Electoral Votes | Will VP Mike Pence Follow Jefferson?

When Vice President Thomas Jefferson was presiding over the joint session to tally Electoral Votes, he cast out one set of Electoral Votes when States had sent in two conflicting sets of Electoral Votes. Consquently, Vice President Jefferson chose Electoral Votes for himself, making him the third President of the Unites States of America.

The question is: Will Vice President Mike Pence follow the precedent set by one of America’s greatest Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, and cast out the fraudulent Biden-Electoral-Votes received from the ‘Swing-States’, thereby tallying the President Trump Electoral-Votes?

Recently, former prosecutor Sidney Powell was interviewed by the show, FlashPoint and discussed this very scenario where Vice President Pence can Constitutionally throw out the Electoral Votes he determines to be fraudulent. The statement from Powell comes at approximately 24 minutes and 25 seconds into the following video link.

This is an interesting scanario. The word is, Vice President Pence is scheduled to leave the country immediately following the joint session in the US Congress to tally the Electoral Votes to choose the President of the United States on January 6, 2021.



To watch Vice President Pence make the quoted statement on “Legal” & “Illegal” votes, click the photo or visit our recent article:

‘[VIDEO] Can VP Mike Pence Count Illegally Certified Electoral Votes for Biden?’

“Vice President Pence should simply refuse to accept the illegal electors, the electors from the states in which there was demonstrable, significant fraud. And if he does that, then it would have to go for President Trump. …. I think the possibility is, he has the actual ability to select the President himself, by virtue of disregarding the illegal electors. In fact, Thomas Jefferson did that when he became President, he was Vice President as I recall.” - Counselor Sidney Powell

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