[VIDEO] Can VP Mike Pence Count Illegally Certified Electoral Votes for Biden?

As many know, President Trump tweeted a warning to all, that certification of illegal ballots is a crime. State executives defied the warning and the evidence being presented to America and their own State Legislatures and certified the ballots. Despite the mass amounts of evidence proving fraud, including video documentation of the fraud, Americans have yet to have our case heard in the US Supreme Court.

Now that Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the head of the legal team defending America’s free and fair elections, has stated Michigan has wiped the records for the Dominion voting machines for the year 2020, leaving 2018 and 2016 election data, how can those illegal Biden votes be counted towards choosing the Electors for the Electoral College?

Constitutional Lawyer Ivan Raiklin stated the President of the Senate, VP Mike Pence, cannot legally accept criminally certified electors. Raiklin shared an article in his tweet from nationalrifle.com . His tweet read:

Now that window of opportunity has departed for VP Pence. It doesn’t appear that Vice President Pence, as the President of the US Senate, has sent notifications to the Swing States where fraud has been evidenced.  But will VP Pence keep his promise to “KEEP FIGHTING” ? 

The legal process by which Electoral Votes are counted can be found online:

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