[VIDEO] Texas AG Reveals America’s Electorate Options Outside of Civil War & Secession

 Most Americans do not support Secession even after SCOTUS refused to hear 21 States and countless Americans providing evidence of massive election fraud. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is correct, there are no other courts to hear a case between States. As SCOTUS skirts their responsibility to hear the evidence of massive election fraud, improprieties and tempering, perhaps any Texas Court should step-in? 


 Watch Texas AG Paxton speak about the options remaining to defend America from the continued coup attempts, outside of Secession and Civil War. 

The Newsmax ‘tweet’ can be viewed by clicking here.


https://twitter.com/newsmax/status/1337932535691702272?s=20( Above screenshot grabbed from:  https://twitter.com/newsmax/status/1337932535691702272 )

 Legal precedent already exists for State Legislatures to choose who they feel represents the will of We the People – the US Constitution and now, also the precedent setting declination to hear cases about last minutes procedural changes in State affecting federla elections. Now, each individual State has their own laws regarding such matters, but they are overridden by the US Constitution and its authority to appoint State Legislatures as federal bodies, acting outside of State Laws, to choose the electors for President.  State Legislatures can choose the ‘Manner’ in which America’s President is chosen.  Too late for a procedural change? That’s exactly the case from 21 States and countless Americans SCOTUS just declined to hear.  So, have at it, State Legislatures, choose electors on who you know won the legal and validated votes of Americans.


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