[VIDEO] SCOTUS Decision a Blessing in Disguise for GOP State Legislatures

Today, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case, filed by Texas against Pennsylvania and the other swing states, claiming they changed the election rules too close to the election to maintain our fair and free electoral process. The election fraud does not disenfranchise President Trump supporters; it disenfranchises all Americans from the electoral process. 

US Constitution Article II

With today’s SCOTUS decision in mind, SCOTUS does not choose electors. Legislatures make that decision per our US Constitution. Article II; Section 1. makes no mention of Texas lawsuits or the Supreme Court where State Legislatures are given the sole duty to select whomever they choose.

Too late to change the rules, some argue?

Well, the leftists can argue that in the courts during President Trump’s second term.  Good luck after SCOTUS just set the precedent to stay out of the way on issues between States when it comes to federal elections.

The swing states changed their rules too late in the game, and SCOTUS just gave the greenlight to the State Legislatures to do the same when they declined to hear the evidence of election improprieties, tampering and fraud. on issues between states regarding federal elections. 

Leftists could be about to learn: The door swings both ways.

Watch Giuliani’s legal team defend our free and fair election process while presenting evidence to the Arizona legislative hearing on the election improprieties in their state.  

If anyone argues it is too late for State Legislatures to change the “Manner” how legislatures can select the electoral college electorates, they had better read the SCOTUS decision from today, December 11, 2020 which denied the Texas lawsuit to proceed in their claim the rules were changed too late. 

States have laws regulating such “Manners”, mentioned in the US Constitution. But all those State laws fall second-fiddle to our United States Constitution.  The State Legislatures are operating as a duly appointed federal body by the US Constitution when choosing the manner is which electors are chosen,  and have no obligation whatsoever to abide by State regulations and laws when acting as a federal Constitutional body. 

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