[VIDEO] BREAKING NEWS: AG Bill Bar received $2.2 million from ‘Dominion’ THEN testified to Congress he saw no “widespread election fraud”.

As massive amounts of widespread election fraud mounts, with enough fraudulent ballots counted to overturn the misreporting and fake news coming from the MSM ‘Mainstream Media’, We the People now learn Attorney General William ‘Bill’ Barr’s testimony before congress came AFTER Bill Barr received $2.2 million in assets from “Dominion Resources”.  “Dominion” voting machines have been documented flipping President Trump reelection votes to Biden/Harris votes during the 2020 election. 


"we [US DOJ] have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected the outcome"
AG William Barr testimony to a Congressional hearing.

We the People now learn Bill Barr was ‘On-The-Take” from “Dominion Resources” to the tune of $2,200,000.00 in direct payment and stock shares, as reported by a recent Forbes article.  

Forbes - Barr paid $2.2 million from Dominion Resources

Critics of our American free and fair election process have attacked any American, including President Trump, claiming the AG has spoken and closed the debate on election fraud.  Well, Barr is only the US AG until close of business on December 23, 2020. Will the new acting AG Rosen and his staff be willing to look at the thousands of affidavits from bipartisan election observers who were kicked-out, or the mass amounts of ballots on video being illegally counted away from observers? 

This investigative journalist looked into the Forbes article further and other paid jobs Bill Barr held before his swift, bipartisan confirmation in the US Senate to become President Donald Trump’s head of the DOJ, ‘home’ to the FBI who has still refused to submit a valid Writ of Habeas Corprus to investigate any American for “Russian-collusion”.  The Forbes article states Barr also was also paid by “Time Warner”.  According to Wikipedia, “Warner Media News and Sports” appears to run CNN Worldwide, which was reporting fake news about then Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump. It’s odd to see Barr on a “board” of directors for “Time Warner”, directing media companies to push fake news propaganda about any Presidential candidate when he then seeks a job with the same person his direction slandered in the media.  


I did notice Dan Alenader, the author of the Forbes article, title, ‘How Attorney General Bill Barr Built A $40 Million Fortune’  pointed out Barr worked for a law firm that rents space in an office building in a major US city that President Donald Trump was reported to own a 30% stake? It almost seems as if the media still tries to push a ‘gotchya’ moment of propaganda. 

My response is: So what?  Good.  I wish I owned some share of the realestate highrise venture too.  

And thanks for the investigative journalism, Dan Alexander at Forbes. Often, the stories are right in front of us and few dare to take the time to look. And we all know:

Tempus Fugit

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