[VIDEO-BREAKING] False-Flag PsyOp – ‘Trump-Supporters’ Blamed as Police Led Mob into our Capitol while Fraudulent Biden Electoral Votes Were Counted

Police led mob into Capitol

The Lame-Stream-Media lies continue to polute America’s understanding of the Truth of what happened in our United (for how long) States Capitol

[VIDEO] Mike Pence’s Treason & Sedition Against America

Pence leers at his President

Yesterday, as the government false-flag pre-planned attack exposed in our article of ‘Millennial Millie’ Weaver’s Christmas Eve video premiere of her investigative

[BREAKING VIDEO] 423,000+ Trump votes removed in PA: Data Confirms State-Certified Election Fraud

PA election fraud certified

https://youtu.be/EM8pC1pAizc Massive amounts of widespread voter fraud have officially been entered into the government records, including by Georgia Secretary of State Brad

[BREAKING VIDEO] Dominion’s WiFi Modem CONFESSION – (WARNING: Adult Language)

Dominion Eric Coomer

Despite the desperate attempts to deny the Dominion complicity in the massive election fraud evidenced more and more daily, Dominion exec and


Biden's voter fraud organization

Many, including Democrat Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois, need to explain their defense of Biden’s bribery caught on a secretly recorded phone

[VIDEO] Thomas Jefferson ‘threw out’ Fraudulent Electoral Votes | Will VP Mike Pence Follow Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson and Mike Pence

https://youtu.be/6YTlhqd7PM0 When Vice President Thomas Jefferson was presiding over the joint session to tally Electoral Votes, he cast out one set of

[VIDEO] BREAKING NEWS: Giuliani challenges 50,000 illegal WI votes in the US Supreme Court.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his legal team have already filed a petition to challenge Pennsylvania’s illegally certified election fraud.  Please remember to

[VIDEO] MI Poll Watcher: “I witnessed the military ballots being duplicated. I just thought it was strange that only Biden’s name was selected, no down ballot…and not one was for Trump.”

MI Poll Watcher - Miltary Ballots all Biden duplicated no down-ballot.

Poll watcher in Michigan: “I witnessed the military ballots being duplicated. I just thought it was strange that only Biden’s name was

BREAKING NEWS: Is ‘One America News Network’ CENSORED from the Internet?

OANN erased

‘One America News Network’ appears to be gone from the internet.  Os this more Big Tech censorshipp placing our United States at

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump’s #StopTheSteal video is CENSORED on his personal website.

President Trump censored by America's enemies, Big Tech.

President Trump’s #StopTheSteal video is being censored on his own website, DonaldJTrump.com .   We recently checked and the video is still showing