[VIDEO] Lt General McInerney: Those who stole the election committed High Treason – National Emergency Declaration

Listen to retired Lt. General McInerney speak on catching those who attempted to steal the 2020 Presidential Election.  Will those involved, including those who knowingly and wantingly certified ballots they were told are illegal ? President Trump has sent out warning not to commit this very serious crime. 

President Trump has declared a “National Emergency” and certain conditions exist under ths declaration pertaining to foregin interference in our elections.  Our 2020 ongoing Presidential Election was and is being cinducted under this ‘National Emergency Declaration’.  President Trump has also previously enacted a “Foreign Intereference’ Executive Order EO in 2018 just prior to the election.  Now, will our system of American Justice stop these coupsters? 

Lt General McInerney - High Treason for election fraud

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