[VIDEO-BREAKING] US Embassy Rome: ITaly did IT – Will Biden Concede To America’s Re-Elected President Trump?

ITaly did IT !

Many questions remain for Americans and the world at large:

  • When will Joe Biden concede to America’s Re-Elected President Trump?
  • Was this feature-photo-affidavit actually sent to members of the US Congress BEFORE they finalized their M iddle-of-the-Night, under Martial-Law-Lockdown in America’s Capitol Fraudulent Biden electoral votes?
  • Who is President Trump going to send to prison first? 
  • Will President Trump declare ‘Foreign Interefernce’ in the 2020 Election and nullify the results?
  • When the “New Administration” is sworn in, will Lt. General Flynn be President Trump’s New Vice President or Secretary of Defense, or perhaps head of America’s NSA? 

Joe Biden already boasted his confession for the world to witness during his failed presidential campaign. 

Biden's voter fraud organization

Lt. General Thomas McInerney (ret) has issued dire warnings and has the security clearance to know the truth, with the wisdom to share it. The General has stated Comey sold the technology to China, to hack election software. 

Tommy Robsinson, America’s friend from ‘Across the Pond’ has made the retired General’s words available at the following link:


Of course many more questions remain as America teeters on the brink of War. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to start impeachment of President Trump immediately, blaming him for the civil disobedience at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.  As it turns out, the whole event was ochestrated by the Democrats and was a ‘False-Flag’ attack by antifa-terrorists posing as ‘Trump-Supporters’. 

The fascist censorship of Big Tech has silenced the President on social media, his preferred choice of communication with We the People. Will sweeping arrests be made in the USA? 

Tempus Fugit. 

More information is telling about how the attempted coup d’etat accessed the military satellite and tech needed to intercept and change the vote counts. Rumble.com has released a recorded statement that Patriots will find interesting.  What does the future hold with the information pouring into our United States?  

No wonder Speaker Pelosi is anxious to impeach President Trump for their failed ‘False-Flag’ claim on January 6, 2021, laying cover for their criminal ratification of illegally appointed Biden electoral votes.  Check out the video link below.

Renzi former Italian PM

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