President Trump has a new message for America.  And America’s re-elected President has a new social media account at CloutHub.com without all the fascist, New World Order censorship which is driving Americans away from the popular social media websites I won’t mention. You can view the video at Rumble. 

God Bless America !!!


President Trump is about to bring Justice to America’s enemies.  The transparent ‘Fale-Flag-Deceptive Indication & Warning (INW)’ has only exposed the desperation of the Deep-State as they scrable to coup the democratically President of the United States and Leader of the Free World, Donald J. Trump. 

The Deep State’s desperation knows no bounds as We the People watched our Capitol under seige by antifa terrorists. Now, President Trump is no longer handing out polite warnings.  Americans were never going to allow a coup to take our United States. I’d ask what you were thinking, Deep-State operatives, but I already know the main objective is to destroy Peace and replace it with profits from the Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned America about in his farewell address.  

Simon Parkes also has some interesting insight We the People don’t hear from our Lame-Stream Media. 

Have a few weeks worth of water, food, fuel, medicine and pet food, etc.  And like Parkes says, fill the bathtub with water to help flush the toilet, but make certain to lock your pets and little ones out of the bath area for safety. Good survival tips if things go dark.  Do not despair.  God is watchig over We the People. 

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God Save America !!!

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