[WARNING: VIOLENT VIDEO] Gunman Shoots & Kills Unarmed Veteran Ashli Babbitt – #FalseFlag

US Capitol Alex jones
Alex Jones Lays Out What Really Happened At The US Capitol

Warning: The above video link contains graphic violence. 

Capitol Shooting


Capitol Execution

Alex Jones financed the stage and the march for President Trump’s speech on January 6, 2021. But embedded were provocateurs who tassled with police and broke into the United States Capitol. Whence the doors were open, crowds of innocent people, unbenounced to the events unfolding minutes earlier, entered the building. Chaos awaited the innocent, Patriotic Americans seeking answers to the baseless claim that Joe Biden won the Presidential Election when the Swing-State “Certified” data shows different results than their false final tally.

Now, a US Air Force Veteran, Ashli Babbitt has been shot and killed by a person who appears from around the corner and fires on the Patriotic American, striking her in the neck. A sad, tragic day for America and for the family of this fallen Veteran. Our prayers go out to Ashli Babbit’s family and friends.

As America mourns the loss of the Freedom to the Globalist Agenda, the Lamestream Media uniformly speaks the voice of their handful of corporate masters, calling for the removal of President Trump via the 25th Amendment. They fear President Trump as they know he protects what they all fear the most: You and Your American Rights Protecting Your Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.


MSM described “VIOLENT TRUMP SUPPORTERS” attacking our US Capitol?
People waiting in line at a bank?

The caption on the above photo poses a good question: If the MSM media is claiming President Trump supporters, aka ‘Americans’, are violent, then why does it look like these Americans in our US Capitol on January 6, 2021 are casually walking within the roped barriers as if they are politely advancing toward a teller at a bank?

I watched the whole infamous day unfold, broadcast over the interwebs on several different live feeds, including but not limited to Alex Jones’ InfoWars networks. President Trump’s Speech was terrific. Patriotic. American. Perfect. The President and the People were in good spirits. But as Jones documents in his video, and our previous article referencing Millie Weaver’s Christmas Eve video premiere, ‘Revenge of the Kraken’, sinsiter forces were already at work.  

A Flase Flag attack had been planned by government insiders and former government employees. Coordinated efforts with the terrorist organization known as antifa and a depleted skeleton-crew of police protection indicates the ongoing attacks against America continue as they are being set-up to blame President Trump. A small number of provocateurs were at the US Capitol, blocks away from where President Trump was giving his speech.  The reports are, these people at the Capitol were wearing padding and armor, typical of antifa terrorists; but this time, they adorned MAGA gear to blend in and embed themselves with the peaceful Patriots that would soon march from the Washington Monument location of the President’s speech, to our US Capitol. 

Sources have since verified a BLM extremist was among the insurgents inside the US Capitol, who the media is now trying to blame on “Violent Trump Supporters”

Video can be seen of the BLM insurgent at the following link from a previous BLM gathering:

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