[VIDEO] Mike Pence’s Treason & Sedition Against America

Yesterday, as the government false-flag pre-planned attack exposed in our article of ‘Millennial Millie’ Weaver’s Christmas Eve video premiere of her investigative documentary ‘Revenge of the Kraken’, four Americans were killed. One woman was shot by what one of the eyewitnesses refered to as the Capitol police. In Weaver’s documentary she exposes government employees, past and current on a video conference call planning a ‘false-flag’ attack, also known as a ‘False Indication & Warning INW’ or a ‘Deceptive INW’.

On December 11, 2020 Mike Pence shouted to the crowd, promising “we will keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. And we will keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out…”. Four Americans were killed by government employees for asking to see the ballots, the proof of the baseless claim that Biden won the Presidential election. Americans are fighting because We the People have officially government certified evidence in the vote count data that shows President Trump as the winner, then illegal, criminal and treasonous deduction from President Trump are recorded simultaneously as Trump votes are also flipped to Biden votes. That’s real evidence, certified by the government.

One woman wearing a “Trump USA” Flag was shot by government security inside our US Capitol according to the eyewitneeses.  Now, the government is claiming they do not know who fired the shot. It’s on video. 

Now, with four Americans killed for requesting to see the proof of the baseless claim that Biden won and their votes were not disenfranchised, Mike Pence is calling for Americans, he told to keep fighting, to be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”. 

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