[BREAKING VIDEO] 423,000+ Trump votes removed in PA: Data Confirms State-Certified Election Fraud

PA election fraud certified

Massive amounts of widespread voter fraud have officially been entered into the government records, including by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified official vote counts which officially demonstrate deductions from President Trump while simultaneous increases in the exact amount being applied to Biden. In fact, the vote tabulation equipment will never show a deduction of tabulated votes if operating un-corrupted.

Pennsylvania is having the same problem. Globalist Biden supporters claim there is no evidence of election fraud to overturn the election because a compromised court system is refusing to hear evidence.  But they all forget, the vote count is official state documents, publicly accessible and shows deductions in the swing states for President Trump.  The tabulation software is accumulative, so it should never show a deduction for anyone.  

As a reminder: It is a crime to knowingly certify fraudulent vote counts.  We have now seen the data from the SOS office from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Arizona with enough deductions to flip each state to the rightful winner of the 2020 election, President Donald J. Trump. 

Obviously, the US DOJ has been compromised as evidenced by their four-year witch-hunt for Russians in Trump’s White House with ZERO evidence, which violates the US Constitution’s ‘Writ of Habeas Corpus’ which requires the government to provide a written document explaining the ‘body of the crime’ (Latin: Habeas Corpus) and probable cause that a certain someone needs to be investigated for links to the crime. The DOJ and their failed FBI have only lies on a FISA warrant (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – FISA), which is kept secret from the public to secure the integrity of the investigation into foreign operatives. In layman’s terms: The FBI sucks at their job or is just plain treasonous. I say treason. Folks like Trey Gowdy, who have blindly prosecuted Americans based on the lying FBI’s word and nothing else, say you can’t put someone in prison for ‘accidentaly’ investigating the President and trying to remove him from office. 

The questions remains: Will Americans see Justice from the Department of Defense under acting Secretary of Defense Miller while state governments and the US DOJ can’t be trusted to investigate themselves?

PA election fraud documented
Biden's voter fraud organization

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