President Trump has a new message for America.  And America’s re-elected President has a new social media account at CloutHub.com without all

[VIDEO] Mike Pence’s Treason & Sedition Against America

Pence leers at his President

Yesterday, as the government false-flag pre-planned attack exposed in our article of ‘Millennial Millie’ Weaver’s Christmas Eve video premiere of her investigative

[BREAKING VIDEO] 423,000+ Trump votes removed in PA: Data Confirms State-Certified Election Fraud

PA election fraud certified

https://youtu.be/EM8pC1pAizc Massive amounts of widespread voter fraud have officially been entered into the government records, including by Georgia Secretary of State Brad

[BREAKING VIDEO] Dominion’s WiFi Modem CONFESSION – (WARNING: Adult Language)

Dominion Eric Coomer

Despite the desperate attempts to deny the Dominion complicity in the massive election fraud evidenced more and more daily, Dominion exec and

[VIDEO] Thomas Jefferson ‘threw out’ Fraudulent Electoral Votes | Will VP Mike Pence Follow Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson and Mike Pence

https://youtu.be/6YTlhqd7PM0 When Vice President Thomas Jefferson was presiding over the joint session to tally Electoral Votes, he cast out one set of

[VIDEO-BREAKING] #BoycottWalmart Viral as ‘SORE LOSER’ tweet to Sen. Hawley’s Challenge of Fraudulent Biden-Electors

Walmart tweet sore loser to Sen Hawley

Walmart tweeted out to Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley a horribly biased and fascist statement “#soreloser” in repsonse to learning he would

[VIDEO] Sen. Klobuchar Warns of Dominion – Then cries “COUP” learning Dominion’s Biden Electors are Challenged

Biden's voter fraud organization

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley stated he would be challenging the ratification/certification of Biden electors in the joint session scheduled for January

[VIDEO] BREAKING NEWS: Giuliani challenges 50,000 illegal WI votes in the US Supreme Court.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his legal team have already filed a petition to challenge Pennsylvania’s illegally certified election fraud.  Please remember to

[VIDEO] MI Poll Watcher: “I witnessed the military ballots being duplicated. I just thought it was strange that only Biden’s name was selected, no down ballot…and not one was for Trump.”

MI Poll Watcher - Miltary Ballots all Biden duplicated no down-ballot.

Poll watcher in Michigan: “I witnessed the military ballots being duplicated. I just thought it was strange that only Biden’s name was

[VIDEO] “you are actively covering-up evidence of a major federal crime”- Giuliani Warns Swing-State Governors of their Baseless Claim ‘Biden won’

Giuliani warns governors of crimes to cover up evidence

“If you will not produce those [Dominion voting] machines, you are actively covering-up evidence of a major federal crime.” Mayor Rudy Giuliani