[VIDEO] 30,593 Trump votes deducted & 12,173 votes flipped to Biden in GA SOS-Certified Vote Data – Official Election Fraud Evidence

GA vote data deductions
GA SOS - Government Certified Evidence of Election Fraud.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has some explaining to do. His “officially certified” results and electors were with his officially certified data which shows President Trump was re-elected, until votes were removed, subtracted, and deducted without any chance for human error to intervene in the “machine to machine to machine” process. As the vote totals are all submitted in increments, the data can be retrieved and analyzed chronologically. And since the Dominion machines and servers with the Scytl software are all designed to count ballots in an “incremental” cumulative method, always adding, they should never, ever show any deductions whatsoever. Yet We the People now have officially documented deductions from the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, President Trump.

The officially certified data Raffensperger used to send electors was actually documenting election fraud, and doing it on an official government document nonetheless. No longer a need to present evidence from a courtroom. We the People have official government documentation thanks to the data retrieved by the team presenting the evidence to the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee in the attached video.

They didn’t steal the election.  They got caught attempting to steal the election. Now let’s pray We the People can Save America from this ongoing coup d’etat attempt. 

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