[VIDEO] BREAKING NEWS: Bongino Exposes the ‘DECLASSIFIED’ Biden-Clinton-Obama Nuclear Sell-Out to America’s Enemies.

Watch Dan Bongino’s Show for the grizzly details of scandal, Treason, Sedition, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  The interconnection of crimes is unravelled , all targeting American and our President, Donald J. Trump, winner of the 2020 election on November 03. 

With the biggest crime in American History being exposed as the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud, President Trump must act as the clock winds down to the ratification of criminally certified ballots and electoral votes. Will the soon-to-be acting Attorney General Rosen start to enforce the law? Will America need to call in the military as General Flynn has identifed as a viable, legal, precedented and peaceful option to the continued coup attempts directed at our Executive Office?

The feature photo is a screen-grab from the Dan Bongino Show, but he was showing a screen-grab from the New York Post. The link to Bongin’s Show is provided here:


Biden sells out America

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