[VIDEO] Steve Bannon Shares Trump’s Path To Victory | The Eric Metaxas Radio Show – From Sunday Night’s “Prayer Call”

Steven Bannon shares his thoughts on Trump’s path to victory on ‘The Eric Metaxas Radios Show‘.  America knows Steven Bannon as the campaign adviser and former Chief of Staff to President Trump. 

The website, pandemic.warroom.org, Bannon started in mid-January when hardly anyone had heard of the Chinese Corona Virus, predicted Pelosi would push impeachment ro distract from the Democrats as they use the pandemic to exploit mail-in voting to try and steal our US Election.  

But, the coupster got caught, and this time criminally with foreign involvement. Will the guilty be held accountable?     

Many may also know Eric Metaxas from hosting, ‘Socrates in the City‘, where the most brilliant minds share their thoughts on a variety of topics. Please make certain to Like and Share Metaxas’ video. 

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