[VIDEO] President Trump’s Path 2 Victory & 2nd Term Swamp Draining.

After President Trump’s reelection on November 03, 2020, the fraud kicked in. Swing States stopped their counts. Bipartisan poll watchers, challengers, and vote count observers were illegally ejected from the process. Voting machines flipped votes, as their memory cards are reported missing. The voting machine and software CEO’s are yet to be located. Employees of theirs are recorded stating they fixed the election. Video evidence clearly shows election laws being criminally violated at the State Farm Arena in Georgia on election night.  Swing State governors and secretaries of states criminally certified illegally cast ballots – enough to sway the US election. And perhaps to sway the MSM’s reimagining of the events We the People witnessed before our very eyes?  We the People did just witness the MSM go from calling the Biden ‘Laptop from Hell’, “Russian disinformation,” to now calling the Biden ‘Laptop-from-Hell’ a legitimate story. The globalists and their MSM propaganda is making an obvious push to instal Kamala Harris in Joe’s coupster seat. 

President Trump still remains the victor for the Presidential race, despite the fake news, fake ballots and fixed election count. And, We the People have a US Constitution which will not be ignored any longer without War. 

Barr grimace - Trump watches

Several paths to Inauguration Day still remain for President Trump, as the Biden campaign’s only hope is that the United States Congress, in joint session, with Vice President Pence presiding, will count the criminally certified ballots and electors gained from said ballots. President Trump adversely has the courts as an option which will be pursued in any event. President Trump has the ability to enact martial law to seize sealed ballots and voting machines, suspected of housing illegally cast votes. President Trump can mobilize the military in a rerun election to allow all Americans to have their votes counted. 

Will the new acting US AG be as blind to the Biden family problems.  A trail of corruption was ‘declassified’ by Barr’s DOJ just days prior. Tempus Fugit for Biden or America’s free and fair open-elections. The question remains: When will Biden concede? 

More options exist for President Trump’s path to Inauguration Day.  A pereious article of ours speaks to Article II, Section 1, of our US Constitution. The State Legislatures choose the manner in which Electors are chosen – NOT governors and certainly not secretaries of state, regardless of what their state laws says. This is a nationwide election, and the US Constitution has overriding authority. Article II, Section 1 states “ALL” votes will be counted that were received by the President of the Senate, which is Vice President Pence.  Over 100 members of the House of Representatives have joined the 20 States and countless Americans suing the Swing States for their unconstitutional changes to election laws just prior to the 2020 election. Will at least one Senator join the House members demanding for legal votes to be counted to ensure proper choice of Electors? If the military option is employed, will illegal votes be allowed to be certified and not be considered Treasonous whence foreign nations held control over We the People’s US election servers? 

Watch Newsmax’s Greg Kelly examine President Trump’s path to Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.

President Jimmy Carter, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie sanders have all publiclly denounced the rigged election system as President Donald Trump has been stating for years since before he was elected President  – twice. You can read Jimmy Carter’s and James Baker’s report on election security online. CLICK HERE.


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