[VIDEO] BREAKING NEWS: Statement by Donald J. Trump, President of the United States


President Donald J. Trump makes a Statement to We the People of the Unoted States of America. Don’t forget to follow us

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump shares ‘tweet’ to jail GA Governor and SOS for certifying illegal ballots.

GA Gov and SOS

President Donald Trump ‘retweeted’ a social media post from attorney Lin Wood which states the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State, “…

[VIDEO – VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED] [satire] Is President Trump about to send “THEM” a message?

Is President Trump about to send “THEM” a message? By “THEM”, We the People are referring to the criminal coupsters about to

President Trump Warns: Certification of Illegal, Invalid and Un-Dated Ballots Is A Crime

Certifying Illegal Ballots is Criminal

President Trump warns the certification of illegal, unvalidated, un-dated, un-signed, un-dated, and late ballots is a criminal action.  Furthermore, if American ballot