[VIDEO-BREAKING] #BoycottWalmart Viral as ‘SORE LOSER’ tweet to Sen. Hawley’s Challenge of Fraudulent Biden-Electors

Walmart tweeted out to Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley a horribly biased and fascist statement “#soreloser” in repsonse to learning he would be challenging the fraudulent Biden electors in the joint session on January 6, 2021. Senator Hawley, like most all Americans and the rest of the world has seen the evidence, including security video footage of the treasonous crimes committed by Democrats during the fraudulent 2020 election.

Calls to #BoycottWalmart are now echoing across America. The corrupted Big Tech industry is finding it difficult to fascistly censor the truth of the rigged election fast enough.

Walmart has since apologized and deleted the tweet. Who is responsible for such tweets at Walmart, remains the question?

Biden's voter fraud organization
Biden’s voter fraud organization

Of course the world understands Walmart sells cheap stuff made in China, who is negatively affected by President Trump’s tariffs on China’s imports (including to Walmart).

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